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A very warm hello from the beautiful Illawarra area of NSW.I’m the happy gardener and guardian of Sowelu, a mainly dry rainforest, heavy clay but beautiful lower escarpment acreage. Looking forward to gleaning from you all and sharing what may be of interest too.

Thanks for accepting me into this forum.
Viviana Green Dreamer
Also wanted to add I am an admirer of Marks gardening knowledge, ytubes and lovely wit ... So Cheers to Mark for all the smiles and wisdom you deliver.
my status..hmm. I just ate a huge sandwich and am as immobile as a tree stump.
guess one could same I'm rooted xD
This wind is playing havoc with my beloved tomato plants. I have 6 in a raised garden bed and they are all in cages. Every time I go out to inspect the damage I’m finding more broken / bent branches. I have been standing them up straight again and trying to brace the cage, but they just look a mess now. Should I keep interfering? Or just wait until the wind dies down and assess and fix any damage then?
when u grow them, do u use 'spiraly' metal sticks to guide the tomatoes upwards or do u just let the grow?
> if the former, u must look at the plants daily and guide thru the spirally thing, thus they get a certain kind of stability.

or is the wind just taking the entire branches with it?
could you set up some kind of temporary wind break outside the raised garden bed on the windy side? Not something solid but more like a pallet propped up with some posts? That way the wind will still get though but not with the strength to devastate your plants.
I was so- so proud of making a whole, beautiful bowl of fresh,cut garden veg.until I realized that I thoughtlessly dumped some store bought oil and vinegar dressing on it...dash!!!..*not* so mindful.