My Raised Veggie Beds


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Nov 12, 2014
SE Queensland, Australia
Have been very very busy over winter sorting out the front garden area and building an enclosed area for my fruit trees away from the possums. I'll post about that when it's all done. Pulled out the old front garden bed and planted lots of native plants, something like over 100 plants in my front yard. We also cut down 9 palm trees and 2 huge mango trees. I'll post some pics about all that later as well. We have been trying to get as much outside stuff done during the cooler months over winter.

So with all this I was running a tad behind this winter on getting veggies in but did get there in the end. :) I've taken a leaf out of Mark's book and started taking photos of the patch every week as a record of what is happening in the patch and what was planted when etc

So with all the photos I have and will be taking I decided to create a YouTube channel called Mama's Garden as a way of sharing them with you all and doing something with the photos I take and any videos down the track. I did take videos of us making the veggie beds so now I will have someplace to load them up too once I sort through all the footage, ha could take a while.

It's called Mama's Garden as my grandson called me that when he couldn't say Grandma :) and it stuck with my other grandchildren calling me that as well. Of course I am only just old enough to be a young grandma ;)

So I only have a few video's up there at present more of a slide show of some garden photos. Once the other areas we have worked on mentioned above are done I'll post on my channel about them too. :)

As I said busy busy busy.

Start of planting the beds for winter.

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Dec 15, 2015
Mid North Coast
Looks great @Letsgokate , just catching up, don't know how I missed it. Impressed you are growing a pineapple.

We used the false grass on ours too, been down now 3 months. Slowed the weeds down but the nut grass comes up along the edge. Darn stuff been fightening it for years. How has your grass coped?

Have to get DH to use our new blower Vac to clean it, bit messy with all the cleaning up etc. The hose I used for the beds is a dripper one, still connecting them up though. Seem to work great.

Edited to say have no idea why that came up, upside down lol.
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Sep 23, 2019
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That is an amazing and very impressive set up; I imagine well worth the effort. Good luck with it!