Farm bike 200cc Honda

Tim C

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Aug 6, 2014
I have mustered stock on all brands and sizes, in all country. Young blokes with a fancy for bikes will soon have the gloss taken off after bouncing around for days on end trying to head off stock in unforgiving terrain. Gearing and power come into account, but so do suspension,weight and seat width and comfort. When out the back by yourself some gear, i.e. water,food and emergency supplies will need to be carried. Hence you need carry racks. Through scrub you will need bark-busters and over stony ground a sump guard. Following stock at low speed in hot weather you will need an oil cooler and a thermo-fan. Power isn't everything. Weight is a consideration if you need to skull-drag your bike out of a hole, presuming you don't have a broken collar-bone or worse from falling into it in the first place. An electric starter should also have a kick-start in case of a flat battery. Even Mr. Motocross will come undone off the beaten track.
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