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    Mostly we are vegetarian. I eat only a little fish and my partner eats what I cook so he is vego by default! lol

    One thing that is easy to cook which uses up stuff from the vegie garden is what I call hash. It's easy, filling and yummy. The main ingredient for us is a can of sanitarium Nutmeat. Now before you start gagging, I can honestly say that this stuff might look like dog food but is it any good!! It cooks up like mince but without the fat and juice coming out and it tastes great. But for Hash carnivores can substitute good old beef mince.

    Cut up into small dice vegies like young zucchini, button squash, sweet potato, potato and onion. Gem squash pumpkin works well too and finely sliced Kale. If using beef mince, fry that in a pan with a bit of oil over medium to high heat - you don't want lots of liquid in the pan when you put the veg in. When the mince is about half cooked chuck all the vegies in and season with salt, herbs and spices of your choice. Keep frying over a lower heat until the veg are just cooked and the mince nicely brown. You can serve as is or with rice. ( If using Nutmeat put the veg in with the broken up Nutmeat all at the same time and cook on low to med heat.)
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    Nutmeat - Never heard of it until now. I Googled it and I'm thinking I might buy a can next time I'm shopping and try your recipe - I'm learning lots this week :)
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    last night i was cooked your recipe in meal. really its very nice test i was added one extra flavor like chicken, with the chicken paces that test was more sensational.

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