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Minipop Corn

Author Rating:
  • Last year I allowed the first few plants I grew to go to seed when I missed the harvest opportunity of the baby size. I have a 98% germination rate from those seeds.

    The plant is fairly fast growing and because you harvest it earlier than fully grown corn on the cob you get a faster rotation of the bed.

    They are super sweet when young and do pop when mature although the popped corn was not overly impressive but I put that down to neglect of the maturing plant.
  • Taste and great viability of the seed for next year planting. You don't need to worry about pollination unless you grow for popcorn.
  • You really need to watch the growth as you can miss that prime time for best picking.
  • This was difficult for me to find and I had to wait for seeds to become available.
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  1. Mark
    Excellent showcase thanks for posting! :)
  2. OskarDoLittle
    Well, I'll be! I've never thought too hard about what "baby corn" is...so if you miss harvesting at this typical small size, can you still eat it as regular corn? (Pardon my ignorance!) Or does it become chewy & nasty as it matures (hence using it for "pop corn"). How many cobs does eat plant throw? (Seems like a lot of effort if it only has 3-4 per plant, given how many baby-corn you need for a stir fry!)
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    1. Cathy
      I did not like it as a mature corn on the cob but it was a very neglected plant so maybe just dry and chewy from no water or fertiliser.
      You can get up to 6 cobs off a plant. I have maxed at 4 but this is only my second year with this type. They grow pretty fast so have a high rotation when picked young
      Cathy, Aug 22, 2018