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Dragon Fruit And Lady Finger

Author Rating:
  • Have received a great crop of Dragon Fruit so far this season with 100 fruits collected, eaten everyday and shared with friends.
    Also for the first time, removed our 1st hand Lady Finger Bananas and they didn't last long once ripened in a bag in the pantry. Sweet and slightly sticky, the first finger was then followed a couple of days later with the rest enjoyed. So I've removed 3 more hands off the bunch whilst still on the tree, in stages to try generate an ongoing supply as opposed to cutting the bunch off and having them all ripen at once, but as this is our 1st time, its still very much a learning curve.
  • The home grown taste is everything others on here have described, fresh, sweet and incredibly delicious.
  • Lat 2 seasons I've had no probs with Fruit Fly on my Dragon Fruit until now, which in all reality, may have been contributed by the recent and late high humidity and high rainfall.
    I do have Fruit Fly spray but i'm doing my best to not use sprays anymore due to wanting to encourage more bees around, so i'll make up some protective bags and also buy some from a supplier as an experiment.
    Onwards and upwards.
    cheers, col.
  1. Sue McGlasson
    we had dragonfruit growing in Millbridge WA (Bunbury.) Got fruit! so happy to see yours. And it's now with us in a cooler clime at Kojonup...Still growing.
  2. Melanie
    that is AWESOME
  3. crazyplantlady
    I believe that you only need a cutting of the dragon fruit cactus to get one started. Is it fast growing
    1. ClissAT
      there are several threads about DF in the forum section which you can read to learn a lot about them. Yes you only need a cutting (rooted is best). That's how they are usually grown.
      ClissAT, Feb 25, 2020
  4. Mya
    Wow, that’s impressive!
  5. ClissAT
    Gosh Col, such a lot of DF! :thumbsup:

    It must feel good to get the gardening so successful.:twothumbsup:
  6. Wedgetail
    Hi Col fantastic number of DF I made the mistake the first year our Lady finger fruit I cut off the whole bunch couldn't eat them fast enough as they all rippen at the same time tasted good though. Dave