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Chocolate Mint Herb

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Other Names:
After Dinner Chocolate Mint Herb
Basic Growing Tips:
  • Grows in most soil conditions
  • Best grown in cooler conditions
  • Don't over feed - moderate fertiliser only
  • Grows best in full sun
  • Easy to Grow?:
    Disease & Pest Resistance:
    This mint plant is aptly called After Dinner Chocolate Mint herb because it tastes exactly like one!

    This chocolate mint herb is excellent to use in all types of cooking and beverages especially in desserts or teas/milkshakes.

    The leaves are slightly darker than regular mint varieties and it also grows more compact and less vigorous than regular mint does; however, I would still recommend growing this variety in a pot or contained area as it could potentially get out of control in the garden.

    In my climate (subtropics) the plant dies back through summer because I have mine in full sun and then it returns in autumn/winter. During the summer, I ensure the mint gets regular water helping it cope with the heat. At the start of autumn I give the plant a top up of fresh compost and a small amount of fertiliser to give it a boost.

    If growing this variety of mint in a hot climate (and in a portable container) you could move it into a part shade position during summer, or, of course grow it in a sheltered part sun position all year.
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