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  1. DTK

    Little critters

    I certainly don't like the idea of any of the little critters on my celery or other veggies. o_O
  2. DTK

    Little critters

    Thanks. That's lucky; I did that instinctively this afternoon. ;)
  3. DTK

    Little critters

    Hi folks, Please excuse my ignorance (and poor eyesight at present) but are these aphids on my celery? Thanks, Dan
  4. DTK

    Dear Members - apology...

    Thanks Mark. You are doing well buddy. Your content provides the Demonstration, Demonstration, Explanation, Practice that we all need. "Like this, do that"; is tried and true, it's a proven process as you know well.
  5. DTK

    Question Where to source seeds in Australia

    I use Diggers, Green Harvest and a couple I find on eBay.
  6. DTK

    Height of raised beds

    Rick, thank you. I am particularly interested in how you made the hoops to allow the covers to be put over them. The actual cover is less important to me. I will be using them for a birdnet cover to keep critters out. Thanks
  7. DTK

    Citrus bark knocked off

    Sorry to hear that Robert. I am not an expert with fruit trees but my experience with larger trees is that the height of the cut is not as bad as the depth. Sorry if that is applicable to your tangerine then you might be OK. I suspect, in the short term, I would wrap the wound in cloth to reduce...
  8. DTK

    Mango tree (young)

    Hi. I have two young mango trees (see pics). One of them has grown a side shoot, about equal in size etc to main vertical shoot. Should I leave it or remove the side shoot? Thanks.
  9. DTK

    Hello from Wynnum!

    HaHa. Many years ago we built a new house in Kenmore. I engaged the family (wife and three kids) and asked what they would prefer: air-conditioning or a pool. The catch was they had to agree to whatever self-help maintenance becomes necessary. The pool was their choice, against my better...
  10. DTK

    Height of raised beds

    Hi Rick, I like the look at you covers. Are able to share more photos without the cover? I am keen to see the frame work / design. Taaa
  11. DTK

    Native bee hives SE Qld

    Hi Stevo, thanks for the website link above. I have a stingless bee hive a while back but it died (I suspect I killed it by ignorance). I am keen to get another but not until I know more about them. I will read up more through the link you Thank You!
  12. DTK

    Unhappy fruit trees

    Hi folks. I live in sub-tropical South West Brisbane. I planted the trees in the following video around Christmas... 8-9 months ago. They do not look happy at all and I would value your suggestions on happy to help them get healthy and grow. I have never had much luck with fruit trees except...
  13. DTK

    Winter chicks born 11 August 2020

    They sure are cute chickens
  14. DTK

    Tip Simple easy tree trunk protector

    Great idea !!!!!
  15. DTK

    How do you store your seeds

    I use two old ice cream containers and the seeds are (almost) in alphabetical order. The seeds (in the container) are then stores in a black plastic storage box which is stored in the garden. From time to time I update my spreadsheet on the computer.
  16. DTK

    Irrigation systems

    Thanks spector. I bought a black weeping hose and installed it in one of my veggie beds. If it does the trick I will seek a source to buy it in a somewhat bulk way, hopefully get a better unit price than my local Bunnings.
  17. DTK

    Bee Garden Challenge

    Stevo, I am so envious of you folk who can garden without cages. I am not all that far from you but anything I plant outside the veggie cage gets eaten overnight. All the best,
  18. DTK

    Hello all!

    G'Day Meesh and welcome. All the best with your 4 acres. What an exciting vision.
  19. DTK

    Hi From Melbourne

    Welcome Ben. Best of luck!!!
  20. DTK

    Height of raised beds

    G'day Meesh, I would agree that if you only want your beds 18" high then you probably need to lower the original level for the bed of logs/stumps etc. My beds are on average about 600mm high. I would happily grow rhubarb in them, so long as we could reach across (2' should be no trouble to...