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  1. Jenni

    My homemade plum jam using semi-ripe fruit

    Best thing about making your own is you know exactly what is in it...
  2. Jenni

    Soda Stream Hack

    Welcome to the soda club mark. I am toying upgrading as mine is getting old and overused.. been going strong though for several years. When I purchased mine came with the cordials and they are still in the cupboard. (probably out of date now)... I have to say I wasn't a big fan. much preferred...
  3. Jenni

    Low Carb Diet & eat more fat makes perfect sense

    Amazing your wife has lost 7kg please send her a congratulations. That is a very big effort. :twothumbsup: Don't be disappointed mark a few kg is still good. Don't forget you have been working hard and will be full of muscle which weighs more than fat... :trainingweights:
  4. Jenni

    Roasted (rotisserie) Pekin duck from duckling to the plate

    I loved that show when I was a kid...good old pluck a duck.. very funny
  5. Jenni

    Building my Quail Pen , by Jen

    LOL @stevo you have read my mind... Problem I have is 11 quail is not enough if you want quail for both eggs and eating. So I recon double the stock is required. I have 20 eggs in the incubator at the moment and if they successfully hatch I will be in drama.. Was thinking I will have to put...
  6. Jenni

    Instead of staking tomatoes cascade them over a raised bed

    My rogue cascading tomato is starting to fruit. Not sure what type of tomato it is or how to tell...
  7. Jenni

    Building my Quail Pen , by Jen

    I have had to make a mod on my quail feeder. One of the girls worked out that if she got right in there she could scratch the food out. Then the others followed so food was all over the ground. With all this rain it got wet then started to ferment and stunk to high heaven. So situation has to be...
  8. Jenni

    My backyard

    Thanks for sharing Paul. How fantastic that the enclosure was already there even if left to ruin. You have done a great job in getting it all back up and running again. You just need some more birds now to fill up the other side... Maybe try some quail :-) How cute is Jimmy.
  9. Jenni

    Weed free vegetable garden idea

    Great idea but what a massive effort cutting all the holes and disks. I suppose you can use the disks next year but is the black plastic really only useful for one go?
  10. Jenni

    Janoel Model 12 Premium incubator

    Yeah was a real shame.. Was my first batch of eggs not a good start and on new year... Then on top my isolated male quail died for some reason overnight. My parents have a two story house so I think I will collect some more then incubate my next batch there when they get home from holidays...
  11. Jenni

    Water kefir, Milk kefir - natural fizzy drinks & Labneh

    I don't think I have ever really made successful bread out of this machine. That's why it was hidden in the back of the cupboard. I think in the past they all came out as bricks and even the dog wouldn't eat it... So have had way more success with this loaf. Machine has a quick 2 knockdown...
  12. Jenni

    Janoel Model 12 Premium incubator

    Have just had first failure with incubation. Put 15 eggs in incubator Two days after putting in temps here reached over 41deg and incubator temp hit 40deg so had to turn off and on to stop overheat. at day 14 turned them off rotate At day 15 2 birds hatched and noticed all eggs pipped but most...
  13. Jenni

    Water kefir, Milk kefir - natural fizzy drinks & Labneh

    Hi @Tim C I tried your sour dough loaf idea.. I purchased a standard white bread mix and replaced the water with kefir whey. I don't have a French bread setting on my machine...(it's very old). I am not sure if it was my setting but bread has come out very rubbery. Nice toasted though. Your...
  14. Jenni

    Roasted (rotisserie) Pekin duck from duckling to the plate

    That is fantastic mark. Great story.. Ducks require a bit of effort to raise though don't they?
  15. Jenni

    Quail eggs, now what?

    Hi @Mark did you say you pickled your quail eggs... If so have you posted how to do it somewhere?
  16. Jenni

    Co-operative Village living

    MMM I do understand the advantages of this type of living... but you would have to have a very community inclined personality I would think...... The support to be able to live off the grid would be great and direct access to other like minded people for help. You can also do so much more as a...
  17. Jenni

    Huge outdoor pizza oven building project pledge

    Here is a link I came across....
  18. Jenni

    Water kefir, Milk kefir - natural fizzy drinks & Labneh

    Thanks @Justin Dallas .. I will try it on the quail. So do you just put the kefir milk in a dish pop it in with them and away they go? Do you have to make a mild version or don't they care about the bitterness?
  19. Jenni

    Water kefir, Milk kefir - natural fizzy drinks & Labneh

    Of course... didn't even think of something so obvious... thanks @Tim C
  20. Jenni

    Is this a normal poo from my quail?

    Well that's a relief for me and literally for him... :cantsay: