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  1. DTK

    Mango tree (young)

    Hi. I have two young mango trees (see pics). One of them has grown a side shoot, about equal in size etc to main vertical shoot. Should I leave it or remove the side shoot? Thanks.
  2. DTK

    Unhappy fruit trees

    Hi folks. I live in sub-tropical South West Brisbane. I planted the trees in the following video around Christmas... 8-9 months ago. They do not look happy at all and I would value your suggestions on happy to help them get healthy and grow. I have never had much luck with fruit trees except...
  3. DTK

    Irrigation systems

    Hi folks, Because we are away a lot these days (early phase of "empty nest" plus "retirement") I have installed irrigation systems for my fruit and vegetables. I usually turn them off when we are at home and water manually with the hose. I have tried other types previously, and currently have...
  4. DTK

    Update from the cage and yard

    Hi folks, We have been away house sitting and animal minding up at Mount Kilcoy so it was good to come home and tidy the veggie cage. Our yard needs a lot of TLC - it has survived on neglect but when I get chances to do some work I enjoy the outcome. I have taken two videos: one of the cage...
  5. DTK

    Jicama seeds

    Inspired by Mark's video I purchased some seeds from Green Harvest. I soaked them overnight and now they are going into seed raising mix in pots. We are going away tomorrow for two weeks so they will be safely stored in the greenhouse. Very excited to see them when I come back home (as...
  6. DTK

    Please identify

    Hi folks These two plants have come up through my mulch as volunteers. I wondered if they are perhaps passionfruit? I certainly like PF so it is quite likely they are "planted" here as kitchen scraps. However, the shape of the leaf is not familiar to me. Thoughts please?
  7. DTK

    Sweet potato pest

    Hi friends, we have been away a lot recently for various reasons but came home to my sweet potato looking like the attached photo. Any ideas of the pest and the cure? I have seen a striped caterpillar plus grasshoppers. Thoughts of brains trust please. Taaa
  8. DTK

    A wee bit busy

    Hi SSC friends, just a quick post to explain my relative "quietness " of late. Although I live in Brisbane I have been going to Sydney for at least a week each month to support family down here. I try to stick my nose into SSC as often as possible (because I love it) and keep the yard "sort of...
  9. DTK

    Happy Birthday ClissAT

    Hi ClissAT, A little banner on my screen says today is your birthday. So, Happy Birthday if today is your day. I hope you have had a great day and have a great year to come. And, if today is not your birthday... well I hope today is great and the year is great anyway! All the very best, Dan
  10. DTK

    Powdery mildew compost?

    Hi folks, I have done a search of the forums on my phone but cannot see an answer to the following question. Powdery Mildew on plants... throw plants in compost or burn them (but no burning at present)? TIA, Dan
  11. DTK

    Sub Tropical, SEQ planting this summer

    Hi fellow sub-tropicals. Well, despite not being 01 Dec yet, the summer has well and truly "hatched" here. We are in an almost "rain-free" zone here. Have received nothing to speak of for months and grass is going from brown to opaque. Yet I would like to grow veg through the next few months, if...
  12. DTK

    Joel Salatin "Folks, This Ain't Norma"

    G'day folks, I hope: 1. the link below works, 2. posting this is OK (it is not meant to be political in any way), and 3. I have not missed it already being discussed here. I watched a YouTube video this morning where Joel Salatin spoke about compost. Then I followed it up (because I...
  13. DTK

    My vegetable cage

    I have never done this before ... so if it is successful, thank you to Ray Speed for guidance. If it hasn't worked then my poor IT skills are the culprit. I have realised though that this video is too long at 4 min 21 sec. I have no idea how to edit so had to upload the whole thing. With the...
  14. DTK

    Critters and gremlins in the patch

    Good morning all. I grow our veg garden in a cage (exclusion area) and over recent times managed to exclude most food eating critters (possums etc.) I produced about 200 tomato seedlings over winter in the cage and planted about 5 plants in the cage. Inspired by many of you, I decided to...
  15. DTK

    New guy, from South East Queensland, Australia

    G'day, My name is Dan but my Username is DTK (Dan was already taken). My wife and I live on our small acreage in a south western suburb of Brisbane. We retired recently and currently bounce between travel and keeping house (and garden). I have a passion to show my grandchildren (and anyone...