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  1. Mark

    Its time to PICKLE

    Great stuff! I'm trying to nurse a few cucumber plants through our winter to get a head start coming into spring but it's slow growing... our zucchinis are suffering also with leaf disease due to the cool damp conditions. I really love to have pickled cucumbers handy especially homemade ones
  2. Mark

    Hello to all from the Sunshine State!

    That's a cool bean to grow and a great name too! Hello Mel and thanks for joining us here on SSC! :)
  3. Mark

    Hello from Upstate NY

    Congrats and welcome to SSC thanks for joining us! :)
  4. Mark

    Hello from Freiburg

    Another great example of small space gardening Reggie thanks for sharing and for joining us here on SSC! That is unusual and I'm not sure why this is happening but perhaps don't get that type of compost again (obviously) but also making your own should be easy enough for a small garden. The...
  5. Mark

    Krystie from Red Earth Farm North Toowoomba

    Hi Krystie, look at those avos! :twothumbsup: Toowoomba is such a great place to grow avocadoes I have fond memories growing up there as a child and eating avos galore grown on my Grandparent's property. Thanks for joining us! :)
  6. Mark

    Fruit fly?

    I've seen Mediterranean fruit fly in our area on zucchini this winter (which is unusual) and signs of sting with rot around the site but no maggot development probably because it is too cold.
  7. Mark

    Question Citrus Moths, Should I use fruit bags?

    Bagging is a good defence but this year I was also hit by this moth and we lost about 50 oranges, however, they seemed to only last about a week and were gone leaving the rest of our crop to ripen fine. We still have hundreds. So bagging is probably necessary only if your fruit is on the...
  8. Mark

    Question Fabric Pots

    Grow bags are as good as any container to grow fruit & veg with the advantage of being easier to store when empty and transport.
  9. Mark

    bug on lemon tree

    Aphids love new citrus shoots. Pest oil should shift them and if it doesn't mix in some pyrethreum (last resort - but is considered organic) don't spray when bees are around.
  10. Mark

    Sick peas - maybe whole bed is in need of help

    It looks like it could be soil related because it doesn't look like a disease to me but I doubt it is due to not enough fertiliser possibly too much or the medium is too heavy. Maybe something is attacking the roots but whatever it is I doubt they are salvageable unfortunately. Probably best...
  11. Mark

    Showcase & Articles are back!

    G'day Members, I'm pleased to announce that our Showcase and Articles systems are back up so please make use of them and feel free to suggest any improvements or advise of any issues :)
  12. Mark

    Question best place for a 'citrus / fruit' grove or sorts?

    Most of them should grow ok even in clay (as long as there is a little topsoil say at least 30 cm) but maybe not the fig that's about the only tree in your list that I have trouble with on our property which has a clay base. Figs are hardy and grow well almost everywhere but they suffer badly...
  13. Mark

    Eat what you grow

    I don't really think only eating what we can grow is sustainable or desirable in a modern society unless in an emergency or if you have special or restricted dietary requirements. Having said that, I'm quite enjoying the challenge myself but it's nice to know that we won't be doing it for...
  14. Mark

    Tip Registration email -issue

    This issue should be fixed now :)
  15. Mark

    vikinglord's new vegetable garden!!!

    Yes I've fixed that now - working non-stop behind the scenes :)
  16. Mark

    Advertisments on forum

    This issue should now be fixed... If you are a Premium Member or Premium Member Gold you should not see Google display ads but if you do please let me know so I can investigate and fix it again. Cheers :)
  17. Mark

    Aloha from Hawaii.

    So is mine!!! :D Welcome John and thanks for joining us :twothumbsup:
  18. Mark

    Southern California

    Welcome @Antoinette thanks for joining us! :)
  19. Mark

    G'day, it's Jimmy from Melbourne

    Welcome Jimmy and thanks for joining us! How good was it that your mother had the forethought to give that book :) Cheers and I hope you enjoy it here - our online self-sufficient forum community is growing slowly but surely just like a rich avocado ;)
  20. Mark

    Advertisments on forum

    Hi Everyone, you may have noticed that ads are showing on the forum even if you have a Premium or Gold membership. I am currently trying to isolate this issue so ads do not show on Premium or Gold accounts but until I get it fixed you will see ads automatically positioned (by Google) on our...