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  1. ClissAT

    Recommend Test chickens' preference cage or free range

    My neighbour's chooks find their way right to the far side of my place. That's well over 300m away from their pen on the far side of their property and they get there very fast. They are hunting for somewhere to scratch for small invertebrates mostly. They have heaps to eat in their pen, but...
  2. ClissAT

    Question Self sufficient chicken bedding

    I get free shavings from my local Men's shed. They separate the wood that has been glued from the raw timber so I can be sure to only get non-glued shavings. I have been known to go along the sides of my rural dirt road after rain (so the grass is clean and free of dust) with the wool shears and...
  3. ClissAT

    Next Season Planting

    Each month I write an article for Mark to publish about what to plant next month or next season, but he is so busy he hasn't been able to publish them. I asked him if I could use them to make posts in this forum so the information got to members but he hasn't been able to reply. When I write...
  4. ClissAT

    Lettuce leaf spot

    Could be from too much overhead watering at the wrong time of day, or imbalance of fertilizer.
  5. ClissAT

    Sweet Potato Leaf turn weird

    COuld be red spider mite which lives on the back of the leaf. OR could be the result of too much fertilizer. The next new leaf seen in the bottom of the photo seems ok so far.
  6. ClissAT

    Eat what you grow

    In the 'old days,' the grocery shopping list consisted of flour, sugar, tea and salt. My exposure to this shopping list came from working on cattle stations where there were families, single men and indigenous people living independently in a community of humpies who didn't get room and board...
  7. ClissAT

    Starting the journey..........

    The meters are not reliably accurate. An accurate meter is around the $100 mark, needs 4 batteries and is used in the hydroponics industry.
  8. ClissAT

    Question horrible veg. placing - halp!

    They'll sort themselves out eventually. Prune off some of the oldest leaves, let the pumpkin ramble off the bed and wrap it around the bottom edge of the sides of the beds. I think you should feel elated that you've discovered how to get your soil producing. Then set your mind to reproducing...
  9. ClissAT

    why the eye..

    Its on the front page of his SSM website. Or it was a few days ago.
  10. ClissAT

    How to kill a Yucca ?

    Cut another thin slice off the top of the stump and paint it with roundup! Or dig the stump out.
  11. ClissAT

    Question Fruit recommendations

    Have you thought about more instant fruits like pepino (google it) which is a bush that spreads on the ground. Depends on how much water you have and what the humidity is for the hottest part of the year and what your pH is. If it's acidic then blueberries, blackberries or raspberries are the...
  12. ClissAT

    Question Can you help id this vine please?

    Last year Mark grew some sort of mini cue too I think.
  13. ClissAT

    Starting the journey..........

    Don't bother getting a meter. Just get a simple test kit.
  14. ClissAT

    Starting the journey..........

    Always wise to take advantage of the good weather, considering you guys have just had that miserable weather last week. In case you don't already know this, can I just point out to you about pH levels when combining plants in one bed? Kipflers like pH of 5-6 whereas peas like 6-7. So make sure...
  15. ClissAT

    21 Days Eating Only What We Can Grow

    Other small animals such as chickens and quail are ok and Mark has both. He could also go fishing! Or trade some excess veg for a young goat or pig? Where's Ray Speed? Bartering should not be forgotten as a viable method of supplementing the produce supply.
  16. ClissAT

    Hello all from the Lockyer Valley

    Hi Chris, yes we love photos, even if you are just starting out with your first garden bed.
  17. ClissAT

    Got any tips for growing flowers?

    Hi Steve, sounds like your plants are either getting too much nitrogen to prevent flowers developing or your soil needs potassium or both. Add a good bit of fertilizer at the beginning including potassium and lime to balance your fish poo water from your fish pond. Then every two weeks...
  18. ClissAT

    Hello to all from the Sunshine State!

    I meant full cream milk, not cream! That's milk with 3% cream in it.
  19. ClissAT

    Sick peas - maybe whole bed is in need of help

    No need to kill the peas. Just add lime and scuffle it into the soil around them. In a few days you will see their new leaves grow all 'proper and dark green'. The current leaves will continue to yellow until they drop off but the new leaves will be like a new plant. It's good that the old...
  20. ClissAT

    Hello to all from the Sunshine State!

    I wrote about it here only a week or so back because it is time to spray