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  1. Sam Jones

    Anyone growing cardamom in Australia?

    I’ve grown ginger and turmeric in pots in Adelaide even though they’re not suited to our Mediterranean climate. I’m thinking of now having a crack at cardamom from seed. Cardamom likes lots of shade so I can grow it in shade in a pot on my patio. If it survives it might not grow big enough to...
  2. Sam Jones

    Is the American Red Mulberry available in Australia?

    In Australia it’s easy to find in stores: - morus negra (black mulberry), and - morus alba (white mulberry) Some specialised nurseries like Perry’s Fruit and Nut sell: - morus macroura (Himalayan mulberry/ Pakistan mulberry) I haven’t seen any Australian place selling the American native...
  3. Sam Jones

    G’day from Adelaide

    I’ve been experimenting with edible gardening for a few years since moving into a small place in Adelaide. Hopefully one day I’ll live the dream by moving to an acreage to put my ideas into practice on a bigger scale. Adelaide has a Mediterranean climate. This means easy gardening from...