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    Anyone growing cardamom in Australia?

    I’ve grown ginger and turmeric in pots in Adelaide even though they’re not suited to our Mediterranean climate. I’m thinking of now having a crack at cardamom from seed. Cardamom likes lots of shade so I can grow it in shade in a pot on my patio. If it survives it might not grow big enough to...
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    Organic soil issues

    Permaculture people seem to like ants because they say that ants aerate the soil and move nutrients around; so they do a similar job to earthworms.
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    Veg Showcase Bidwell Casaba Melon

    It’s so nice to see melon varieties beyond the standard supermarket rockmelon, honeydew and watermelon. Looks interesting!
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    Organic soil issues

    @This Guy- experiences like yours are why I try avoid paying for things that can be done for free and independently. In addition to the high initial cost of purchase, potting soil is supposed to be replaced every few years and if you do so then you’re stuck in an endless loop of buying, buying...
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    Is the American Red Mulberry available in Australia?

    In Australia it’s easy to find in stores: - morus negra (black mulberry), and - morus alba (white mulberry) Some specialised nurseries like Perry’s Fruit and Nut sell: - morus macroura (Himalayan mulberry/ Pakistan mulberry) I haven’t seen any Australian place selling the American native...
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    Organic soil issues

    If you’re using raised beds then I’d avoid clay soil. Clay shrinks into an impermeable brick when it gets dry. I don’t know what you’ve been sold, but mixing in lots and lots of organic matter will help.
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    Breaking bad with Chillies

    My birds eye chilli plant’s three years old here in Adelaide. It’s grown from seed, sits in a pot, the pot is on paving by a northeast facing wall and it gets full day sun in the cold months. The leaves turn yellow in winter and it looks like it’ll die but when spring warms up the whole plant...
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    Question Will this apple seedling produce fruit?

    During Victorian times, people grew apple trees from seed as a hobby and curiosity. Bad tasting new varieties could be made into alcohol or fed to pigs. Sometimes a good new variety would be created. You could let the tree grow and graft a known cultivar onto it if you can find a good apple...
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    Creating Compost

    Looks great John. If you plant a fruit or nut tree one day where that compost has been resting, the tree will likely grow extremely well.
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    Crop Rotation & Fertilization

    Crop rotation and no-till gardening seems to me a method borne in snowy Europe and northern America where the land is snowed over half the year. In Australia we can grow crops every day of the year, so we’d return back to the first crop in half the time.
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    G’day from Adelaide

    Hi Vicky, My suburb often buzzes with the sound of chainsaws from arborists chipping up trees. The problem is few people have a yard big enough to dump it all on. They’ll dump it immediately if a yard is very close by. I asked it just once and had to advertise giving most of it away on Gumtree...
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    G’day from Adelaide

    I’ve been experimenting with edible gardening for a few years since moving into a small place in Adelaide. Hopefully one day I’ll live the dream by moving to an acreage to put my ideas into practice on a bigger scale. Adelaide has a Mediterranean climate. This means easy gardening from...
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    Moisture retention

    Your soil type plays a very important role too. If you have clay soil like I do then you’re in big trouble because clay becomes like concrete when it gets dry. Watering clay during hot weather won’t work. Probably the best way to solve it is mix a HUGE amount of decomposed organic matter into...
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    Its Garlic Planting Time

    Torshi sheer (pickled garlic) seems very easy to make. Basically just pour salted vinegar over garlic in a jar and age for at least a year. These fancy ideas would have been a basic necessity when land was unlimited and people could grow thousands of garlic heads without being able to eat them...
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    Hello, Attempting Desert gardening

    My Mediterranean climate (Adelaide, South Australia) is basically a dessert climate from mid-Spring to mid-Autumn. Rain is almost non-existent during that time, we have zero humidity and intense hot sun. The two major difficulties I have in the dry hot season is lack of water and too much sun...