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  1. John Schroeder
    John Schroeder
    I mostly have chooks and muscovy ducks. am getting into bee keeping and have a colony of native bees in a block of wood cut out of a tree.
  2. Vladie
    Vladie Swedish fiddler
    Happy Birthday Buddy
  3. Coastal Canuck
    Coastal Canuck
    Working hard in the yard.
  4. alter ego hank
    alter ego hank
    Getting into fruit and vege gardening.
  5. Emu chick
    Emu chick
    North Brisbane.
  6. Kiwi/SA
    Lockdown Gardening
  7. Kiwi/SA
  8. Cameron De-Arne
    Cameron De-Arne Mark
    G'day Mark. Need some fair dinkum advice on hugelkultur and termites.
    I'm looking at turning my mother's backyard into raised bed veggie garden.
    She lives in ipswich qld, & it has known issues of termites. This has her concerned that burying all this wood and branches into raised beds is just going to attract them.Will this happen? Any advice would be great here mate
  9. Mary Kejejian
    Mary Kejejian
    Busy planting veggies!
  10. grace parsons
    grace parsons
    Feeling great today
  11. Christinemarybrown
    Christinemarybrown Letsgokate
    What is the product for cattle and horses please ( for chicken parasites)
    1. Letsgokate
  12. Kris
    Hello all I am new to this. I am from QLD Burnett Heads. Absolute loving all Marks videos and have learnt so much. Hope everyone is well
  13. Massivebarra
    No idea what I'm doing in the garden....just winging it really
  14. Strongbadd12
    All my first round seeds have been planted and some have started to sprout. I’m so excited for this year!
  15. RevX
    Gardening machine!
  16. Tomentose
    Putting in the backyard raised beds!
  17. Ray Speed
    Ray Speed Erica Sandoval
    Hi There
    just wanted to say that ink is awesome

    take care
  18. Erica Sandoval
    Erica Sandoval
    I'm a beginner looking to learn all that I can :) any advice is welcome
  19. Karla
    Karla Vincent Marracino
    Good morning Vincent. Hope all is well with you and your family. This is a great site with so much to learn in so many areas. I’m not always up at this hour. I just get up when I wake up.
  20. Vincent Marracino